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Makkah Calendar Articles


An Islamic Calendar for Makkah

An article which establishes the scientific character of the Makkah Calendar. This is the same article which was published in the February issue of a journal with an international audience named Selenolgoy Today. It explains the methodology used to calculate the Makkah Calendar.


An examination of important Islamic dates fixed by the Saudi Arabian Authorities

This article analyzes the accuracy of major Islamic dates fixed by the Saudi Arabian Authorities in last 32 Hegirian years [1400 to 1431] using astronomical data.


Young Crescent (Hilal) Visibility

This article explains the methodology used to calculate crescent visibility curves in non technical terms, so any ordinary Muslim can understand what is involved in the visibility. This article has been prepared by Khalid Shaukat of


Scientific Calculations and Crescent Visiblity based Islamic Calendar

For sake of accuracy should the Islamic calendar be predetermined by scientific data or established by the crescent vision only? Isn’t a combination of both methods possible and a better solution?


Contemporary Ideology

We have published an article on "Contemporary Ideology - A very trendy religion" presented by Dr. Abdelhamid BENTCHIKOU in a conference.


Number of calendars

The calculation of the number of calendars in the world for one Islamic year.


Pandora’s Cluster

Pandora's Cluster, also called in a more prosaic fashion Abell 2744 in Abell’s catalogue of galaxy clusters, is one of the most spectacular objects in our universe.